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Welcome to Livefoods4U

Livefoods4U have years of experience in the livefood trade. All our insects are packed fresh daily at our purpose built breeding facility and delivered direct to your door.

All orders placed before 2.30pm are dispatched the same day (Monday - Thursday).
Please note that orders on a Friday will need to be placed before 11.30am to ensure first class delivery. All orders placed after 11.30am will be sent out the following Monday.

If you cannot see what you want please contact us and we shall endeavour to do our best to meet your requirements.

Popular Products

Black Crickets

This is a day active insect that resists drowning in water dishes. It will bask in a hot spot and therefore show itself to potential predators. Hot and cold tolerant, this cricket suits a whole range of species.Supplementing can be by gut loading or dusting and this cricket can be supplied in a range of sizes from 3mm to 35mm.
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A colourful and attractive meal for most insect eaters. From hoppers starting at 10mm through to adults of 60mm, the locust seems to be almost universally accepted. Use as an alternative to crickets but dust and feed in a similar way. PLEASE NOTE during busy times Yellow Locusts cannot always be guaranteed and will be substituted with Brown Locusts.
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